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Infected Belly Button Piercing – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment

Body piercing can give a sense of edge and an added attraction to the body. But some piercing, such as those done in the bellybutton, can cause breaks in the skin that can be a source of infection. If the bellybutton piercing is not handled hygienically and not taken care of well, bacteria and fungi might take advantage and this can cause an infected bellybutton piercing.

Do I Have an Infected Belly Button Piercing?

If you just got your belly button pierced, you have to observe the piercing carefully for signs of infection. There are certain signs to tell you to worry and that treatment is needed. To know if your bellybutton piercing is infected, observe for the following signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of an Infected Belly Button Piercing

1. Presence of Pain Around the Naval Area

One of the most common symptoms of an infected bellybutton piercing is pain. Sharp, severe and persistent pain may be experienced in this area.

2. Swelling and Redness

Another sign that may indicate the bellybutton piercing is infected is swelling. It is important to note that swelling is present during the initial stages of healing, however, as time goes by the swelling subsides. If the swelling does not subside and it becomes worse, that can suggest an infection. Redness is also another sign to look for, like swelling; redness is also present initially but eventually subsides, as the piercing heals.

3. Presence of Pus

When a yellow, thick fluid begins to ooze out from the piercing, an infection is definitely present. This yellow fluid is called pus and it often appears watery but sometimes it can have a thick consistency. When the wound presents with pus, the stage is known as cellulitis. When the piercing advances to its later stages, the pus may appear thick and yellowish-green in color. This stage can be dangerous as it can lead to sepsis or septicemia, conditions where the infection spreads throughout the blood.

4. Formation of an Abscess

An abscess is a fluid filled sack that forms within a tissue. The abscess contains pus and other discharge. The abscess can be accompanied by swelling, hardening of the surrounding tissues and darkening of the skin. The presence of an abscess usually indicates the disease is in its advanced stages; prompt treatment is therefore needed in these situations.

Infected Belly Button Piercing images

What Does an Infected Bellybutton Look Like?

An infected bellybutton piercing has signs of inflammation and infection, having the following characteristics:

  • Appears red and swollen
  • Pus might be oozing from the wound or the piercing
  • An abscess is present on the navel
  • Discoloration (red to purple or skin darkness) of the skin surrounding the entire abdomen, if the infection is in its advanced stage

How to Treat an Infected Belly Button Piercing

Don’t wait until the infection advances. Once you notice that there might be possible signs of infection, have it looked by a physician so that proper treatment can be put in place. An infected belly button piercing can be treated through the following interventions:

  • If the piercing manifests only minor signs of infection, cleansing using alcohol is usually done. Alcohol is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms that may cause infection; it also induces drying to prevent bacterial growth. If you are allergic to alcohol however, it is not advised to use it.
  • If pus is present in the piercing, physicians usually prescribe oral antibiotics. These medications kill the microorganisms causing the infection. Physicians would also advise you to remove the bellybutton ring. But in some cases this is not done to prevent abscess formation inside the open wound.
  • Topical antibiotics may also be prescribed especially for mild infections.
  • If an abscess is present and if the pus is not draining well, surgical drainage of the discharge may be needed. But this method is only done rarely and only in severe cases.
  • For mild cases, application of warm compress may help circulate the blood and drain the pus as well. Just make sure the warm compress is cleaned or disinfected before it is applied to the area. If not you might be introducing bacteria and fungi to the wound, which will only worsen the infection.

Infected Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Below are the pics, images, photos of infected belly button piercing

Infected Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Check redness and inflammation at site of piercing

Infected Belly Button Piercing image

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