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Zipper Piercing On Tongue – Side Effects, Procedure, Real or Fake?

What is Zipper Piercing?

Zipper Piercing is a form of body piercing that is done in the tongue. It became a trend in many girls and it is known as one of the weirdest type of body piercing. This zipper piercing cause a wild fire in many people who like to have piercing but this is just still an idea and just waiting for someone to turn it to reality.

Zipper Piercing on Tongue

Zipper Piercing Image

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How is it done?

It is done by an expert in the field of piercing. Usually you will sign a consent about that you know the process of how is it done, the after effects and the possible dangers if not taken well off. There are still no specific process on how is it done because until today it’s not yet put into a reality just a mere imagination of the maker of it. It’s best that you will go to an expert and known person that is expert in body piercing in order for you to avoid any problems that might risk your health.

Side Effects of Zipper Piercing

I will focus on the side effects of piercing not literally on Zipper Piercing. These are the common side effects:

  • If the piercing is not properly done by an expert it can cause nerve damage. Nerve damage that can cause paralyzing a part of the body. It is advised that you will undergo body piercing in an expert to avoid these unexpected problems.
  • Possible of cross contamination by using dirty unsterilized needle. Make sure that the needles that are using are sterilized and new to avoid contamination that can lead in having infection that can lead in having a health problem. It’s better first to ask and investigate first to the shop that you are planning to make yourself pierced to avoid problems like contamination.
  • You might get allergies especially if your skin is sensitive to the products that are used in piercing. Ask first what kind of anesthesia or medications that will give to you and ask for skin testing to know if you are allergic with the medications that you are using, it’s better that you ask because allergic reactions vary from people and sometime reactions can be life threatening.
  • You can get infection if you don’t take care and clean daily the pierced area. Infection from the materials that are used to you or because of not following the after care that is advised to you. It’s better that you understand and follow the instructions to avoid getting infected that will cause more problems. Prevention is still way better than cure.
  • It can be painful especially in some parts like tongue and naval piercing. Make sure that you are aware of the pain that result from the pierced area. There are people that are very sensitive to pain so better that you know first before getting any pierced in any part of the body.
  • One of the common side effects is that after the piercing it can form keloids or marks on the area that is pierced. This normally due to wrong way it was pierced or the individual who has a new piercing didn’t take care of it that will cause a formation of scars.

It’s Long Terms Effects

This will focus in the different long term effects if you get a body piercing. The long term effects are:

For ears:

  • It can make the lobes of ears stretch especially if you used earrings that is larger than a normal and to make it go back to its normal state you are advised to go for reconstructive surgery. It’s better that you know the specific earring you want to wear in order to avoid creating a large hole which eventually must be fixed through reconstructive surgery.

For tongues cheeks and lips:

  • Possible disease transmission like Hepatitis and Herpes Simplex
  • Feeling of numbness or loss of sensation if there is nerve that has been damage. It’s better to ask first about the pros and cons and how is the after care for each type of piercing.
  • Gum disease or infection if the person is not following the aftercare given by the expert.
  • Chipped and damage teeth due to misusing the rings that an individual put in there tongue.
  • Excessive saliva production that can eventually lead into drooling that makes an individual uncomfortable.
  • For worst scenario, it can lead to speech impairment if there are nerves that become affected due to the piercing.

For other areas of the body:

  • Scars can developed that will depend on the location of the piercing
  • Possible loss of sensitivity due to the improper handling of pierced areas as well as going to a salon that is not expert in body piercing.

Is it Real or Fake?

Zipper Piercing is still an imagination but it can be real. There are many people who are just fond of creating new images in the photo shop to make new weird images and just having a good imagination. Zipper Piercing concept is real that there is a possibility that you can split a tongue and put a zipper on it, you can unzip or zipped it any time the person want. Body art is a tradition that is done decades ago and still done and accepted now by the new generation. It is done by people as a symbol of status, success, spirituality, and principles. Let’s just wait and see as technology and art progresses this Zipper piercing can be true.

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