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General Anesthesia Side Effects (Top 10)

Generally speaking anesthesia is culled out from a Greek word which denotes a loss or absence of sensation. There are many types of anesthesia, one of which is general anesthesia. The main difference of general anesthesia, which is far more complex than Phenphedrine side effects and Alcohol side effects, from other types of anesthesia is that it has a tendency to make the person completely lose his or her consciousness. In addition to that, it halts your brain in recognizing the nerve signals leading to the person to not feel anything during surgical procedure. The general anesthesia is commonly used most in a lot of surgical procedures.

general anaesthesia side effects

General Anesthesia Side Effects

General anesthesia also has common side effects which should be made known to the patient before undergoing any surgical procedure. The general anesthesia side effects are as follows:

1. Tremors

One general anesthesia side effects is tremors, which is one of the common reported side effects after general anesthesia has worn off.

2. Mood shift

According to the experts, mood shift, which is part of the general anesthesia side effects, can happen after the wearing off of the general anesthesia. It momentarily affects the mental capacity level of the person as well as his or her mood. The degree and duration of this kind of side effect may vary from one person to another.

3. Pain in one’s throat

This is included in the general anesthesia side effects. One may feel pain in one’s throat probably because of the breathing apparatus used during the surgical procedure and upon the induction of the general anesthesia.

4. Dizzy and sleepy feeling

These are common general anesthesia side effects which will eventually vanish after the purging of the anesthesia. It is considered a result of the usage of the general anesthesia itself.

5. Dry mouth

Drying of the mouth is a common effect under the general anesthesia side effect which normally occurs as the general anesthesia is known to stop the mucus secretion in the gastrointestinal area so as not to affect the surgical procedure.

6. Confusion

A momentary confusion may happen to a person, which is manifested by the person upon the regain of his or her consciousness. Hence, it is far important that when the person wakes up, he or she should be oriented to time, place and the happenings around him or her.

7. Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia, one of the effects written under general anesthesia side effects, is a common side effect in the usage of general anesthesia. Arrhythmia is a medical condition which means an irregular beating of the heart which is abnormal. This is probably brought about by factors such as age, medications ingested, and the kind of general anesthesia being used by the surgeon himself or herself.

8. Vomiting and nausea

These are common of the general anesthesia side effects which occur brought about by the shaking of the movement of the person’s gastrointestinal system during the surgical procedure done. These effects are normal expected effects in most persons.

9. Shivering

Shivering, which is amongst the general anesthesia side effects, occurs because anesthesia is known to lead to vascular dilation which leads to heat loss from the person’s body. Hence, there is a need to place a warming blanket to aid in the keeping of the temperature of the body into its normal acceptable range.

10. Itching episodes

Itching, which is normally included in the general anesthesia side effects, which occurs because of the narcotic action which targets a certain receptor in the body and separates that receptor to aid in the relief of pain. Narcotic medications are normally part of the general anesthesia medications.

11. Headache

Headache, one of the many general anesthesia side effects, occurs to most persons undergoing surgical procedure with the use of general anesthesia. This also happens to persons who drink coffee as a result of withdrawal caffeine episodes.

12. Teeth damages

Teeth damages which are general anesthesia side effects that is because of the usage of the plastic airway device during the induction of the general anesthesia. This side effect can happen on awakening when the person bites hard on the plastic or during the placement of the anesthesia.

13. Infections of the chest

It is otherwise known as chest infections which are general anesthesia side effects. These infections can happen to persons who are undergoing abdominal kind of surgical procedure. The manifestations of persons having chest infections are having difficulty of breathing and a feeling of being feverish.

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