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Chapped Lips – Home Remedies, Treatment, Causes

What is Cracked Lips?

Cracked lips, also called as Chapped Lips is a condition where your lips are dry, peeling, or cracked. Breaks can be visible in the lips that can cause an individual lips to become painful and bleed. Usually cracked lips don’t mean that an individual has a serious medical condition and it doesn’t pose any medical risk. The reason why people have cracked lips is that the oil that is naturally created by the body that coats the lips is deficient.

Chapped Lips

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Symptoms of Chapped Lips

  • There is a loss of moisture
  • The patient can experience slight pain
  • There is a feeling of dryness
  • The lips become rough and reddish
  • Bleeding
  • Peeling

Causes of Chapped Lips

  • One of the reason is over exposure to the sun
  • Exposure to cold wind
  • Dehydration
  • Use of soaps that removes the natural moisture of the lips
  • There is a lack of Vitamin A, B, C in the body
  • Allergy
  • Infections
  • Frequent smoking
  • There is a lack of Vitamin B2
  • Skin disorders
  • Common Cold

Treatment for Chapped Lips

  • Application of sunscreen in the lips to add for protection
  • Applying lip balm especially during cold weather
  • Increase oral fluid intake especially during workouts or any activities that let you body perspire a lot.
  • Reduce or change medications that causes a person to have a chapped lips but always ask the doctors advise about the changing and reducing the medicines
  • Apply moisturizer on the lips rather than wetting it using your tongue
  • If a person use lipstick, make sure that you put a moisturizer first before you put on the lipstick
  • Always apply a moisturizer on your lips at night
  • Never peel the dry skin from your lips instead use a moisturizer on the affected part and it will go automatically

cracked lips treatment

Apply Lip Balm on the lips to help maintain the moisture of lips.

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Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

  • One of the most recommended remedy is to drink a lot of fluid to avoid dryness in both skin and in the lips.
  • Applying Lip Balm or Petroleum jelly on the lips to help maintain the moisture and to remain smooth.
  • Pure butter is also known for treating Cracked Lips.
  • Mixture of Rose petals and raw milk would help in treating dry lips and retaining the pinkish lip color.
  • Milk Cream is effective in removing dry dead skin and it also help to maintain the lips to be smooth.
  • Cucumber is also known to cure cracked lips
  • The juice from the grind Neem Leaves will also help to heal cracked lips.
  • Aloe Vera is also known to heal dry cracked lips.
  • Intake of foods that is rich in Vitamin A.
  • Mixture of Glycerin and honey will make a person lips become soft and smooth.
  • Castor oil is also known to cure dry cracked lips.
  • Apply sun screen in your lips to prevent dry patches and it helps heal dry lips.
  • For women who put lipstick, it is advised that you should put a moisturized based lipstick to maintain the moisture of the lips.
  • Wetting the lips with tongue can make the lips become darker in color and lose moisture so it is advised to use lip balm.

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