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Vaginal Itching and Burning – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Whenever you feel itching with any part of your body is disturbing. But if you have itching within the genital area is most disturbing. Sometimes it may annoy you at school, work or with the things you do in you daily routine. The vagina is a very sensitive part in a womans body. Itching within this area can be very frustating and might affect your self confidence towards others.

Mostly, vaginal itching is not a fatal condition that you should be worried about. But you shouldalways take cautions with the itching, this maybe a sign that you are prone to infection. Visiting your doctor would be a great idea to ask questions.

Symptoms Associated with Vaginal Itching

  • When you have and increasing intake of water and food.
  • Vaginal Swelling
  • Urinating frequently
  • Fatigue
  • When you have pain on your pelvic area.
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fever
  • Blistering on you vulva
  • Problem with urination
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Pain on the abdominal area
  • Symptoms of sexually transmitted disease with you and your partner

Although vaginal burning and itching has no specific symtoms, you may try to take a look around the surface of the vaginal area to see if there are any growing organisms or any other form of insects that are in the area. This could be the start that you feel itching and may also lead to the burning feeling of the vagina.

Vaginal Itching and Burning Causes

There are some cases that you encounter this situations that may cause you to experience discomfort, this might be the cause to your vaginal itching and burning:

  1. You might be allergic to the detergent that you use at home.
  2. Applying ointment, jellies, contraceptive foam could irritate the vaginal area.
  3. Yeast infection might be causing your itching vagina to trigger.
  4. This is the cause that should be discussed; the Vaginitis- it is common to most girls before they reach theire puberty stage. But it might also be a picture to be seen that the girl exeprienced an un-approve sexual intercourse.
  5. All the above stated are a few to cause vaginal itching and burning. There are also uncommon conditions that may cause the itching and burning of the vagina.
  6. Certain condition around the opening of the vagina or the vulva involving dermatoligist attention.
  7. The pinworm can also cause this vaginal itching. It is found in children most commonly.

To a more specific explanation about the cause of vaginal itching and burning.

Cause of Infection

The vagina inibit the presence of lactobacilli, a good bacteria. When it takes affect with an anti-biotic taken by the patient. The yeast may tend to grow if there is a chance of antibiotics manifestating the good bacteria lactobacilli.

Due to Allergic Reaction

Any form of foreign substance applied in the vaginal area may cause some reaction, that may lead to itching and burning.

It can be Hormonal

After menopause, the estrogen level of a woman tends to decline and can lead to the common cause atrophic vaginitis.

Vaginal Itching and Burning Diagnosis

To make sure that you dont have any other disease along with the vaginal burning and itching, your doctor might let you undergo some tests to make sure.

  1. The doctor will let you produce a sample of your vaginal discharge and undergo it to culturing and microscope ecamination.
  2. You might undergo PAP smear as a basic test to your conditions
  3. Biopsy- specifically aroung the vulva area
  4. Examination of the urine and blood
  5. Hormone levels examination

Vaginal Itching and Burning Treatment

Treating vaginal burning and itching to women can be embarassing, here are some treatments you can find in your home:

  • Boiling a teaspoon of dried pemegranate along with two cups of water may help for minimizing the odor and the irritation.
  • The threads of safron may help you to cure vaginal itching, burning, irritation and discharges.
  • Crushed aloe leaf and honey is a mixture that coud treat vaginitis.
  • Bioled lady finger might ease the itch.
  • Boiled gooseberry powder and a litte water is a nice drink to treat the itching burning and discharge.
  • Eating a banana with honey and gooseberry juice is also a good way to get a relief from vaginitis.
  • Yogurt, soy products, dairy products may help you with vaginal itching and burning.
  • Boric Acid– this may relieve infection that cause your vaginal itching and burning.
  • Oil found in vitamin E- use to relieve discomfort around the vaginal area.
  • Lactobacilli– this is to protect the vagina against bad bacteria.

The vaginal itching and burning treatment is not only limited to resources found in your home and prescribed by doctors. There are also emotional instances that you might be able to control for vaginal burning and itchign reduction.

  1. Crab apple remedy- this is used if you feel unclean and unconfortable.
  2. Stress reduction technique- this may help reduce vaginitis.
  3. Seek guidance counseling– you may seek the help of a psychiatrist for godly coundselign within yourself.

Vaginal Itching and Burning Complications

  • Vaginal itching and burning can lead to simple complications or even to the worst condition. There are techniques thay you may apply if you have this kind of condition.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease– also known as STD, you can get this by changing your partner every now and then and have a sexual intercourse from one person and the other.
  • Gonorrhea and Candida If not treated well, the simple vaginal itching and burning may come up to this. The infection may get worse over time.

Vaginal Itching and Burning Prevention

Though, there different ways to prevent vaginal burning amd itching. It is great to have proper hygiene and proper care of ones genital organs.

  • Proper Hygiene – you should learn to teach yourself the proper way of mantaining your hygiene to promote good health. If you have proper hygiene, you will know how to prevent this kind of condition. Bad hygiene can somehow result to vaginal burning itching, remember to take a bath two times a day or if necessary.
  • Have the normal Ph balance- you should try to have the normal Ph balance of your vagina. By doing this, avaoid using perfumed products and strong products that may irritate your vagina. Vaginal wash with strong Ph are not recommended, it may damage the surface of the vulva and may begin to have irritations resulting to vaginal itching and burning.
  • Consume good bacteria– Dont forget to stay healthy and eat what is good for your body. Sometimes certain foods may cause you bad results if you don’t know how to control you diet.
  • Safe Sex Procedures– consider using condom or other products that may avoid skin contact during intercourse. Avoid using foams, ointments and other products on you vaginal area.
  • Wear Fresh Undergarments- Do not use the same undergarments over and ocer again. Aside from discomfort, the bad bacteria may outnumber the good bacteria that is present in the vaginal area.
  • Drying up the vaginal area– After urination, remember to dry up the vaginal area. Do not keep moisture on the undergarments, this may develop bacteria.
  • Probiotic Supplements– You may try to intake probiotic supplements available at drugstores. You may also drink or eat foods rich in lactobacilli (good bacteria).

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