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Flu Jab Side Effects, Uses, Advantages


Flu Jab Uses

Flu jab is a type of flu vaccine for persons suffering from flu or influenza. Flu or influenza is known to be contagious kind of virus infection which affects the person’s respiratory system. It can be easily passed via droplets in the air which contains the virus via coughing or sneezing of the infected person or whenever the person are able to touch inanimate objects which has the virus. Here is where flu jab enters. The flu jab is a vaccine that will prevent the person from experiencing flu all through the year. Recent studies have manifested that flu jab vaccines provide protection to person against the flu virus. Yet, the protection given by flu jab is not that complete and varies from one person to another.

Flu Jab Advantages

Flu jab, which is a flu vaccine, has a lot of advantages to persons who acquire it. The following are the advantages one can get out of flu jab vaccine:

  • It prevents influenza types A, B, and C
  • It keeps the person free from flu symptoms
  • For pregnant women, it protects their baby
  • Protects you from swine flu virus
  • It can is easier to administer

Anybody can have flu jab both elderly, children and even pregnant women

Flu Jab Side Effects

As said earlier, anybody can have it. One thing straight, with the use of flu jab it can prevent you to get infected with the flu virus but it does not prevent the occurrence of epidemics. Generally, persons can tolerate flu jab vaccine injections. It has some minor side effects which are expected to occur in a minor form. The following are the side effects of flu jab:

Allergic reactions from flu jab

Allergic reaction, which is part of the flu jab side effects, happens when a person is known to be allergic to egg. That is why as much as possible, the person who will receive for the very first time flu jab, are asked if he or she is allergic to egg, which is a known component of flu jab, to prevent allergic reaction to occur. Allergic reactions can be manifested via hives, anaphylaxis which is a fatal condition, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and angioedema.

Systemic reactions from flu jab

This kind of reaction will normally manifest in a person beginning 6 to 12 hours after the flu job shot is given. This kind of systemic reaction, one of the flu jab side effects, will last to a maximum of two days. In addition to that, the manifestations under the systemic reaction are rash, fever, aches in the person’s muscles and malaise or having a not good feeling.

Local reactions from flu jab

This is another mild side effect of flu jab, which is included in the flu jab side effects, which may last to two days or lesser. Here, the person will experience mild swelling, pain and soreness in the area that was injected.

Guillain Barre syndrome

Certain research conducted pointed out that there are instances that might put the person at risk to the medical condition termed as Guillain Barre Syndrome, which is under the flu jab side effects. This syndrome is an acute polyneuropathy which affects the peripheral nervous system of the person.

Low grade fever

This is a normal occurrence since the flu jab vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine which has a weakened infectious organism that induces the immune response of the person. Hence, the presence of the low grade fever, one of the flu jab side effects, suggests that the body is responding to the vaccine given and is normally doing its normal function which is to protect the host from the virus injected.

Other side effects are as follows:

  • Soreness of the throat
  • Headache
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose

It must be stated out to the person or to his or her guardian that the said side effects are mild in nature and will only last to a couple of days. But if, for instance, the side effects mentioned earlier last for more than the expected days, then it might be because of an underlying medical condition. Hence, there is a need to report immediately to the medical practitioner or physician to be evaluated and given earlier treatment. So that further complications will be prevented. It must be pointed out that serious side effects often appear rare.

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