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Top 6 Side Effects of Effexor


Effexor is utilized mainly in dealing with depression, comprehensively known as panic attack, and social anxiety in adults.

Effexor has been an excellent antidepressant for most individuals; however, it appears to become specifically efficient for anyone with treatment-defiant depressive disorders. A few of these individuals have got 2 or more antidepressants earlier to Effexor without any sign of relief. It was also recently been discovered to reduce the degree of ‘hot-flashes’ in menopausal and aged women.

Furthermore, in 2004 of September Customer Reviews research has ranked Effexor as the best performing amongst six frequently given antidepressants.

Side Effects of Effexor

Weight Loss

Significant weight reduction to patients who have depressive disorder, with known anxiety disorder, and societal anxiety and has been distinguished in Effexor taking, however the company won’t advise use as a possible anorectic whether taking it alone or perhaps in mixture with phentermine and another amphetamine-like drugs.

Increase blood pressure level

Associated with tension transfer antidepressants, lack of sexual urges can be a visible side-effect for some people. Effexor can easily increase blood pressure level when taking it in higher dosages and it is not an advisable drug of choice for people with higher blood pressure. Effexor should not and cannot be used in young children. Great care should be taken in individuals with a seizure problem.

May trigger suicidality

The actual energizing result on the medicine might emerge unwanted for some, possibly ultimately causing an enlarged nervousness or depressed mind condition. While the certain modality of impact is not properly tackled, a Black Box Warning has been issued along with Effexor along with other anti-depressants advising the chance of committing suicide.

Some researchers have inhibited the usefulness of the medicine in helping major depression. The black box caution further give recommendation to attending physicians to monitor patients for committing suicide chance at start of usage as well as anytime the dosage is modified. Members of the family need to be advised with this life-threatening complication so they may bring the patient to a hospital emergency for surveillance and safety.

Loss of control with Borderline Personality Disorder

This medicine is mostly dangerous for individuals whose psychological condition contains inadequate urge control like a Borderline Personality Disorder, in case there is certainly comorbid substance exploitation and over taking within the prescribed dosage.

May trigger obsession if the patient is not taking a mood stabilizer

Effexor has occasionally been employed for the cure of depressive stages of bipolar disorder. Nevertheless, it has some impending peril, as Effexor may induce obsession, mixed states, speedy cycling and/or psychosis in some bipolar patients, predominantly if the patient may not be also undergoing treatment by means of a mood-stabilizer.

May develop another disorder – Serotonin syndrome

Another threat is increasing its possibility to develop- Serotonin syndrome. This can be a severe effect that can be brought on by interactions along with other medicines which is potentially deadly.

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