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Phenphedrine Side Effects


Apart from Alcohol side effects or ganoderma lucidum side effects, Phenphedrine is a weight loss pill and it is the solution for persons who want to lose some weight. It is brought about by the modern scientific technological breakthrough. The drug company claimed that it is a fat burner and has various natural made stimulants which lead to a boost in the regular metabolism of the person. In addition to that, the drug company claims that it decreases the effectivity of the negative hormones which leads to gaining of weight.

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Phenphedrine Side Effects

The following are the Phenphedrine side effects which one should take note of:

1. Dependency and addictive

The Phenphedrine is known to have amphetamine which is a central nervous system stimulant medication. Scientifically speaking, the central nervous system stimulant can be addictive to some persons. In addition to that, amphetamine may also have the tendency to make the person addictive and in the long run dependent, which is part of the Phenphedrine side effects, on the medication. Also, in the brain it promotes euphoria and pleasure in a person. Some persons, because of the want of losing weight in an easy way, would opt to be dependent on the medication.

2. Problems involving the stomach

Phenphedrine may inhibit lipase which is a gastrointestinal enzyme. Normally, lipase works to cut the dietary fat into tiny pieces for the body to absorb. When it is inhibited, fat can no longer be digested and is excreted to one’s stool. Hence, under stomach problems, which are part of the Phenphedrine side effects, the person may experience problems in controlling the movements of the bowel, gas discharges, diarrhea, oily spotting and frequent stools.

3. High blood pressure

Phenphedrine also is composed of phentermine which is another central nervous system stimulant. What happens is that this has a tendency to enter into one’s bloodstream and goes to the person’s brain and stimulates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is in charge of norepinephrine which is normally released by the body whenever the body is in danger. Despite of the fact that, this medication suppresses one’s appetite, it may also lead to having high blood pressure, nervousness, insomnia, and increase in heart rate and sweating episodes.

4. Palpitations

As mentioned earlier, the Phenphedrine is composed of sibutramine and phentermine which will lead to an increase in the heart rate or palpitation episodes, which is included in the list of Phenphedrine side effects.

5. Taste changes

Another part of the Phenphedrine side effects is that the taste changes. This is a common side effect when taking this medication.

6. Sleeplessness and nervousness

Common Phenphedrine side effects are sleeplessness and nervousness which is according to study conducted. Phenphedrine is known to compose of phentermine, phendimetrazine, and diethlproprion which lead to such side effects.

7. Injury to the liver

There have been reports that liver injury may be brought about by the intake of Phenphedrine. This is another entry in the Phenphedrine side effects which results to having to experience short term symptoms and damage in the long term basis.

8. Anxiety

Brought about by an increase in the blood pressure and heart rate, which are both Phenphedrine side effects, the person is at risk to experience an increase in anxiety as well as nervousness. This side effect may interfere with the person’s sleeping pattern and may also lead to headaches and irritability.

9. Lung disease

This is a high risk side effect in persons taking in Phenphedrine, which is the presence of lung disease. The combination of fenfluramine and phentermine which is a known ingredient in Phenphedrine, according to study, has been linked to the medical condition called primary pulmonary hypertension which is a condition wherein the lung capillaries thickens and makes the person experience difficulty in breathing.

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