Infected Belly Button Piercing – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment

Body piercing can give a sense of edge and an added attraction to the body. But some piercing, such as those done in the bellybutton, can cause breaks in the skin that can be a source of infection. If the bellybutton piercing is not handled hygienically and not taken care of well, bacteria and fungi might take advantage and this can cause an infected bellybutton piercing.

Do I Have an Infected Belly Button Piercing?

If you just got your belly button pierced, you have to observe the piercing carefully for signs of infection. There are certain signs to tell you to worry and that treatment is needed. To know if your bellybutton piercing is infected, observe for the following signs and symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of an Infected Belly Button Piercing

1. Presence of Pain Around the Naval Area

One of the most common symptoms of an infected bellybutton piercing is pain. Sharp, severe and persistent pain may be experienced in this area.

2. Swelling and Redness

Another sign that may indicate the bellybutton piercing is infected is swelling. It is important to note that swelling is present during the initial stages of healing, however, as time goes by the swelling subsides. If the swelling does not subside and it becomes worse, that can suggest an infection. Redness is also another sign to look for, like swelling; redness is also present initially but eventually subsides, as the piercing heals.

3. Presence of Pus

When a yellow, thick fluid begins to ooze out from the piercing, an infection is definitely present. This yellow fluid is called pus and it often appears watery but sometimes it can have a thick consistency. When the wound presents with pus, the stage is known as cellulitis. When the piercing advances to its later stages, the pus may appear thick and yellowish-green in color. This stage can be dangerous as it can lead to sepsis or septicemia, conditions where the infection spreads throughout the blood.

4. Formation of an Abscess

An abscess is a fluid filled sack that forms within a tissue. The abscess contains pus and other discharge. The abscess can be accompanied by swelling, hardening of the surrounding tissues and darkening of the skin. The presence of an abscess usually indicates the disease is in its advanced stages; prompt treatment is therefore needed in these situations.

Infected Belly Button Piercing images

What Does an Infected Bellybutton Look Like?

An infected bellybutton piercing has signs of inflammation and infection, having the following characteristics:

  • Appears red and swollen
  • Pus might be oozing from the wound or the piercing
  • An abscess is present on the navel
  • Discoloration (red to purple or skin darkness) of the skin surrounding the entire abdomen, if the infection is in its advanced stage

How to Treat an Infected Belly Button Piercing

Don’t wait until the infection advances. Once you notice that there might be possible signs of infection, have it looked by a physician so that proper treatment can be put in place. An infected belly button piercing can be treated through the following interventions:

  • If the piercing manifests only minor signs of infection, cleansing using alcohol is usually done. Alcohol is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms that may cause infection; it also induces drying to prevent bacterial growth. If you are allergic to alcohol however, it is not advised to use it.
  • If pus is present in the piercing, physicians usually prescribe oral antibiotics. These medications kill the microorganisms causing the infection. Physicians would also advise you to remove the bellybutton ring. But in some cases this is not done to prevent abscess formation inside the open wound.
  • Topical antibiotics may also be prescribed especially for mild infections.
  • If an abscess is present and if the pus is not draining well, surgical drainage of the discharge may be needed. But this method is only done rarely and only in severe cases.
  • For mild cases, application of warm compress may help circulate the blood and drain the pus as well. Just make sure the warm compress is cleaned or disinfected before it is applied to the area. If not you might be introducing bacteria and fungi to the wound, which will only worsen the infection.

Infected Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Below are the pics, images, photos of infected belly button piercing

Infected Belly Button Piercing Pictures

Check redness and inflammation at site of piercing

Infected Belly Button Piercing image

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93 Responses to Infected Belly Button Piercing – Pictures, Symptoms, Treatment

  1. Amy says:

    I was wondering about have an odd bump in the belly of the piercing and i have no clue it it a part of the photo on this page and should i consider getting check out?

    • Lori says:

      Same here omg I dont know what to do

      • Charlie says:

        Buy plain white aspirin (not the gel ones and with no coating), crush up 1 or 2 (i only use one) and mix in with distilled or boiled water to create a paste and apply it to the piercing bump. Leave it on for about an hour (i usually put a band-aid over so i don’t get it everywhere lol). Do this 2-3 times a day.

        I’ve have 12 piercings, I’ve never had this but I did this with my sister’s belly button and it worked!. it should go away after about a week to 2!

    • Kym says:

      I have the same problem but mine has been done for a couple weeks

  2. PierceIng mina says:

    I got mine done 3 days ago and now it’s like red on the top one, I have washed it lots salty water and it’s still red and a bit gooey but I don’t know if it’s just cos I had it done 3 days ago? Any ideas?

    • NotPiercingExpert says:

      Mine was done 3 day ago and im haven the same problem yes it is infected but mostly the cause of the infection could be an allergic reaction to the body jewelry. I had to change mine to a bioplas belly barbell, it is starting to feel better able to move it easier and also able to clean it better being that the swelling as gone down. I clean mine with salt water treatments and Bactine and i know everyone says not to use alcohol but i use it because its infected.

      • Corrine says:

        There won’t be an infection after three days. It’s healing. Your body had a hole put in it and has to heal
        Around jewelry. It’s natural..

    • Diamond says:

      That is just because It is so new if it is still hurting and red in a month then you may want to get it checked out

  3. Briana says:

    I’m not sure if its infected or its earratated it’s red and hurts a little bit and pusses but the man at worrier said its prob earratatted. I’m not sure can someone help me?

  4. Charleigh maiden says:

    I’ve had my belly pierced 3 times and I think it’s going to fall out again because the skin has gone quite thin and I clean it twice a day with sea salt but the skin is still thin, any advice?

    • Taylor says:

      Your body is rejecting the piercing look up body piercing rejection. It will tell you everything. Your body is trying to remove the piercing my eliminating the skin cells till the ring falls out. Take the piercing out now before you have a big Nasty scar there.

  5. Francesca_Carey says:

    My belly button is sore, I have redness around the top, it started to pus but not a lot, it’s starting to scab up aswell I’m starting to worry but the best thing to do is go to your GP or local hospital they are the best bet for this type of problem SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED IF THIS HAPPENS? Yes.

    • Laxton says:

      Mine is like that but mine is very red and it hurts in the morning and it get stuck and there’s like dried scabs and stuff and i use proxiced and salt water but it’s not getting better PLEASE help me

      • jeri says:

        Don’t cause hydrogen peroxide, its meant to close wounds. Use regular alcohol. I had the same problem. My best bet was washing it really good while in the shower and H2ocean. That spray is probably the only thing that actually help mine heal. I bought a pack of alcohol wipes from Walgreens and a couple of packs plastic shot glasses so I can soak the belly button ring every time I put a new on in and I used the alcohol wipes to clean my belly button really good before putting a new one in.
        Just keep it super clean(meaning clean it several times a day). And use a salt solution, my piercer said a solution of distilled water and sea salt, but h2ocean spray and a qtip worked great for me.

  6. poppy says:

    i had mine done 3 months ago and i caught it last night now its bleeding and the skins gone purple, and now im getting sharp shooting pain through it

  7. elly says:

    I got my belly pierced 3 days ago..its red and it looks a little hurts just a little but i want to know if its infected? Please help me…!!

  8. Yamila says:

    so i’ve had my belly button pierced for 2 years now, and i had it professionally done, and i’ve NEVER had a problem nor did it ever get infected. but the last few days i’v been noticing slight pain on my belly button but i didnt pay attention to it. and today it was hurting because the pain was like stinging. so i waited til i got home and when i got home i took out the belly ring out and pus just squirted out. i have the symptoms of my belly button being infected. i KNOW it’s infected but i just want to prevent on going to the doctor and wondering ways i can cure it? also will my belly button close after this?

    • Hannah says:

      you’re not supposed to take an infected belly button ring out. try cleaning it with saline solution or salt water. if that doesn’t work, go to the doctors

  9. Savanna says:

    I got my belly button pierced five days ago it’s red a little bit at the top and is a little bit sore but I’m not sure if it’s infected or not

    • Janelle says:

      It’s probably not infected, a little crust or blood on the bottom hole is usually just irritation or healing.

  10. Kristen says:

    Iv had mine done for two weeks now. I bumped it when i first got it done like that day n it bleed and the blood kinda seeped through the layers of the skin and left a bruise it was gone in a few days it really doesnt hurt that much only if the top part of the piercing gets bumped by my nephew or well i sleep n stuff its ony red on the top of the piercing n when i clean it i use gloves like the doctors have so its cleane im sick at the moment with a sinis ifection n ear infection i was comming down sick before i got it done and a little bit of yellow goowy stuff comes out if its moved or sqweezed u know n ive cleaned it with sea salt soaks n sea salt spray soaks when im home and have time and spray on the go in a hurry. It was a early christmas present from my bros gf im 18 n only eve lr had my industrial done but do u think maybe because im sick n ammune system is low maye it got infected a little if so i will go bk to my dr an have him look at it n give me something. I wish i could post a pic so u could see it its not hot or sowllen just red n got some pus i think n only really hurts when hit or gets cought. I wear half shirts when im at home so i dont have to worry bout that but when i go to shool i wear baggier shirts and not so tight tight shirts. So do u think its infected or just healing cause nothings wrong with the bottom. The bottom has no reddness at all jus clear drainage n stuff

  11. Sara says:

    i dont know if mine is infected or not but its red and gets purple i clean it with soap and water like the lady told me too ive had it for a week but its not like tht at the bottom of my belly piercing just the top any help to know if its infected?

    • kendra says:

      im having the same problem! i got mine done exactly a week ago and the bottoms fine! the top is red with crusties which is normal but it also look like the holes been stretched idk if thats normal? but its really worrying me

      • Megan says:

        I got mine 3 days ago and it’s doing the same thing. Don’t worry. Your belly button ring is going to shift around during the healing process so it’s completely normal. Anything that happens is going to worry you because it is your body. Just do a salt water soak 1-2 times a day for about 5-10 minutes & it should start getting better. If it gets infected, trust me, you’ll know. How is it doing now?

  12. Martha says:

    I got my belly pierced 1 week ago. The guy told me to clean th pieced
    2-3 times a day. I been doing that for the time. Also i have the spray H2Ocean. He also said that every time i clean it in the shower to move the ring up and down. So i did that also. I been doing everything he told me. Every time i clean it i clean my hands soup and water or hand antibacterial. But the top of my ring is a little red round it eith a little of white. My pierced is not swollen or very red. PLEASE HELP ME IM A LITTLE BIT SCARED

    • Mackinzie says:

      So mine has done the same ive done all my piercings my self and never had a problem but i pierced my belly botton and its red dont worry its normal but if it starts to pus and get more red get it checked out im a piercing nerd so im always learning new things

  13. sherry says:

    I got mines done close to a month not but i dont know if its infected because everything is fine except for when i squeeze it a yellowish greenish fluid comes out. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

  14. Bree says:

    Mine is red and painful in the middle no puss can someone help the man said it is probably just irratted but I think it’s just infected had it for a month now

  15. Belly Button Piercing: Facts, Precautions, Aftercare, Pictures | Body Piercing Magazine says:

    […] […]

  16. sydney says:

    I got my belly button pierced on Monday and it Friday and it a little red and has some pus coming out of it should I be worried? I clean it two to three times a day.

  17. Carly Jones says:

    I got my bellybutton pierced six months ago and i think its infected but I cleaned it everyday and I used the saline solution like, ten times a day. I don’t understand

    • Breanne says:

      You might of over cleaned it. That’s another way of it getting infected. If you under clean it or if you over clean it. Try not to clean it so much I say about maybe 2-3 times a day & see if that helps :)

  18. Jasmin says:

    I got my belly butten pierced by my mom two weeks ago and it doesn’t hurt it’s not pudding anymore it just had crusty stuff around the barbell and the skin on top is red and the skin in the middle is purple is it infected or is it because I use proxcide to clean it?

    • serena says:

      do not use peroxide to clean it. it will scar the tissue badly. use alcohol or warm salt water only. that is my advice

  19. Morgan says:

    I got my belly button pierced Monday and it is now Friday, I haven’t touched it without washing my hands, and I clean it around 3 times a day with sea salt and water, as well as special antibacterial soap. I noticed the top part is red and some yellow-greenish stuff is coming out or dryig around the top.. The piercing is also very sore. Should I be worried? It’s only been 5 days

  20. tamar says:

    I got my belly button pierced Monday and it is now Friday, I haven’t touched it without washing my hands, and I clean it around 3 times a day with sea salt and water, as well as special antibacterial soap. I noticed the top part is red and some yellow-greenish stuff is coming out or dryig around the top.. The piercing is also very sore. Should I be worried? It’s only been 5 days

  21. Chris says:

    Okay this is my frist time doing this but I got my belly botton pierced about a month ago, I have been cleaning it but now it hurts a bit and its red inbetween the to balls. What should I do its my first time having it pierced. Plus I don’t notic the pain much because of my son hes 5 months and likes to kick at it.

  22. Kim says:

    Uhm I don’t know if mine is infected or it is in it’s healing stage because I got my belly button pierced beginning of April so it has been 1 month almost one month and a half and it’s really read on the top and puss is inside I usually push it out and every night I would soak it in warm water w salt and spray it with bactine infectionous spray.. It’s just really red and it doesn’t hurt. I just changed my piercing and it doesn’t reject or hurt?

  23. crystal says:

    I got my belly pierced 2 weeks ago & it was fine until 2 days ago that I noticed purple around the little ball on the top & im actually worried now is it infected or not? Ive been spraying Hydrogen Peroxide on it & it doesn’t hurt at all. It is my first belly piercing & I just wanted to know what I can do to get rid of the little bit of swelling around it? I got it done by my friend & me & ky friend had it done the same day same time, different needle of course.hers looks nothing like mine but the white stuff coming out of it & everyone tells me it is just trying to heal. Is it because my jewellery is too heavy & its getting bruised up? Or whats going on.

  24. Corina says:

    I’ve had my piercing for about 2 months now. I was cleaning it daily but now it hurts and is sensitive. It has white pus still and I clean it 2 times daily with sea salt. What else should I do? Try using rubbing alcohol? Neosporin? Hydrogen peroxide? I usually put that stud on cuts that get infected but should I for this?

  25. symone says:

    i got my belly pierced 8 years ago and have never had a problem. A month ago i lost the ball and the piercing kept falling out so i took it out and left it out for about 2 weeks. i put the ring back in and it was fine. just lately i have had to take it out again as its painful to keep in. when i try to put it in again its also painful to the point i have to take it out. i noticed one day i had a tiny bit of dry blood after keep the piercing in over night and it was sore. it is not red and there is no puss and i am using the same ring that i have for the past year. Any ideas whats wrong and how to treat it?
    Thank you.

  26. Caitlyn says:

    I had my belly button pierced about 3 months ago but it just keeps bleeding and it’s always red and the redness won’t go away do u think it is infected??

  27. ani says:

    ive had my belly peircing for 3months already & well i was doing fine with it until now. The bottom of my navel is swollen & it hurts but im not sure if its infected someone please tell me what can i do to reduce the swelling ?

  28. lee jayan says:

    I have got mine pierce a month and some day ago and I have stop cleaning as regularly as I used to…a white looking pus keep coming out of ot but it doesny hurt and on the top its kind of black like when I get a cut, om guess its because of yhe type of skin I have. I jus want to knw if I should be worried… please give me an reply….

  29. Osheen says:

    I just got my hand pierced and it’s getting dark and I hve no Idea how to treat it

  30. Amber Robinson says:

    I got mine done on Tuesday and now it’s all red on the top ball. Is it bad or good? It hurts just a little. I’ve been using Antibacterial soap to clean it could it be from that? Should I switch to something else? Let me know ASAP thanks :)

  31. Jasmine says:

    I had mines for over a year and it got infected. I got a cotton ball and poured salt and warm water on it. I placed the cotton ball on my belly button and repeated this process. It worked great for me.

  32. Omni says:

    I got mine done 5 months ago professionally done and puss is still coming out of it, even with saline solution crusty puss keeps forming around the ring. The flesh around it is red and moist from the puss but I’ve tried cleaning it with beta-dine and warm salty water in the past but it’s been sore since I got it. Is there anything I could do to help it heal?

  33. Breanne says:

    I’ve had my belly pierced for maybe 3-4 months now & it’s red on the top & bottom it’s a little sore to touch , & if I move a certain way it hurts. There’s crust around the piercing & white fluid comes out of it & I’m a little scared that it is infected but then I’m thinking maybe it’s not I’m just over thinking it. I really don’t know. Tbh I’m really bad about cleaning it EVERYDAY I’ll probably clean it like every 2 days or something I know that’s bad but I’m really lazy Lol. So basically I just want to know if it’s infected or if I’m just being paranoid. & I really don’t want to go the the jeweler cause he is far away from where I live. What should I do…?

  34. Annie says:

    My belly button piercing has been in for 7 months but started to get infected I went for a physical and my doctor said I was allergic to nickel and I changed to a plastic belly button ring but the infection got worse and know I have pus and blood coming out of the bottom part and the skin is swollen and reddish purple.
    Should I be worried and go to see the person who periced my belly button?

  35. Brianna says:

    I just had my belly button piercing done 4 days ago it’s my first time and a little yellowish/white puss comes out and it’s a little red on the top fine on the bottom and I wash it 2-3 times a day with dial soap (the soap Stan “the piercer” told me to use) I’m scared help me please c:

  36. Minnie Santana says:

    I just got my belly ring done like 1week and a half ago and its puss coming out the top and its crust around the ball its alittle swelling i just wanna know of its infected can someone please help me

  37. Minnie Santana says:

    I just got my belly ring done like 1week and a half ago and its puss coming out the top and its crust around the ball its alittle swelling i just wanna know of its infected can someone please help me i clean it 2times a day i use dial liquid soap thats what the tattoo people told me to clean it with im just scared because i think its infected can some one please help me asap

    • Megan says:

      First off, do now use the liquid soap. It’s easier for the soap to make it’s way into the piercing and attract more bacteria. Use the unscented dial bar soap and rinse it very well, then dry it with a paper towel. Also, do the warm salt water soak 1-2 times a day. That helps remove the crudités & soften the ones stuck inside to help them come outt. Puss, crust, redness, and swelling, are all 100% normal for a new piercing. It can take months before it stops. If it continues after about 6 months, then you may have allergies to the type of metal the ring is made of, which is very common. If it’s infected you’ll have a greenish thick puss coming from it and it will hurt dry bad, you’ll know. But taking out the ring while it’s infected is not at all what you want to do.

    • Jordan says:

      It’s completely normal for the first few weeks for it to have stuff come out of the holes. Itts part of the healing process. I’ve had mine for 3 months now and it barely stopped a couple of weeks ago. Remember to clean the crust off of the ball every time you clean it. Just make sure you clean it daily and do not touch it unless you have washed your hands. I hope that helps :)

  38. Tash says:

    I had my belly pierced , 1 week ago- bt nw it’s starting 2 get a little red & swelling , also a little painful- I’m not quite sure if it’s infected or if it’s normal. Plz give advice…..

    • Jade says:

      It’s doubtful that it is infected after a week, I have had mine done recently aswell I have had it for about 2 weeks maybe a little bit longer. It’s completely normal, mine was red and painful, it was also swelling slightly. But not to worry, if you get that concerned about it go to your piercer and ask them what they think as I’m obviously not a professional piercer. But I wouldn’t go after a week I’d personally wait 1-3 weeks more and see how I get on with it first (:

  39. Val says:

    I am a microbiologist, and it totally baffles me why anyone would intentionally put a hole in such a tender part of your body . The goal in life is NOT to get holes in your body which allow bacteria to enter and cause infection.If you don’t go to the doctor and get a culture done and appropriate antibiotics, the bacteria such as Staph aureus or Streptococcus can enter the blood stream and cause bacteremia.

  40. Jays says:

    Hi, okay so I have never really had any problems with my navel piercing. But, recently I went to te beach and I purchased 3 dangly rings. The one being my favorite was quite heavy. So my piercing wasn’t very stretched out because, I never really wore dangly ones. My best friend on the other hand she did. And, I thought it would be fun for a change. So,I stuck that ring in and it didn’t hurt it felt a little heavy and I figured I would get used to it, and I did. Untill about 3 days later it started hurting from pulling. So I was in the shower and took it out to exam it. And the jewelry was so heavy that it had left a dent on my skin where the top ball was. AND, I had a keeload and it made it go away with the force of the jewelry pushing on it. So I put a plain old purple barbell in from Clair’s. And, about a week later I put that belly ring back in because it’s adorable and I was going to hang out with my boyfriend. So, it was a tad bit sore nouthing much but it hurt in the morning and, I’m prone to getting a blood bubble kind thing when I tug on my piercing. I had a small one. So I changed it back asap. It hurt a. Little to take in and out the jewelry. And, now I’m just afraid my piercing might be merging. The holes are red, don’t hurt, the skin around the is tan? But I can feel the barbell and I’m just very very concirned I love my navel piercing so much

  41. Emily says:

    I got my piercing 4 days ago and I don’t think it’s infected, but I’m. Still super paranoid. About it. About how long will it be sore and red and swollen for and excrete liquid?

  42. Marisol says:

    Mine is like a ball is that bad I’m pretty sure its infected I’m scared what should I do

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, well I think mine was like that, it was hard… so I toke out the piercing & give it time to heel.

  43. ko says:

    I’ve had my belly button piercing for 3 months, the area around one side of the top is swelled and pus is coming out of it. Is this normal or should i get it checked?

  44. Crystal says:

    I got my belly pierced, back in June & im sure it got infected… since I went in the pool when I shouldn’t have, like three or two days after I got it, so I toke it out, since it was hard & red, some what.. I tried to clean it with soap & water, like they told me to.. also with alcohol, but it didn’t work. & I also got the coloring in my tattoo, should I get it checked out?

  45. Samantha says:

    so I’ve had my belly done 3 times, the fourth now. needless to say I’ve had bad luck.
    All of my have been ripped out, Now mine is infected. I don’t know if it’s the ring, or what.
    what should I clean it with, that works the fastest? I really don’t want to have to take it out and get it done again.

  46. kylanne says:

    I have had my belly peirced about a month now and it’s not painful but white puss is coming out the top of the periceing and i have a purple lump around the top ball can anyone help me

  47. Lainey Joe says:

    I had my friend pierce my belly button a day ago && it’s not red or sore && it doesn’t hurt to touch it. I was wondering if I could chnge the ring in about 2 or 3 weeks. She did it at school with a steralized needle && a brand new belly button ring. I’m 14 years old && so is she. Any ideas or help?

  48. Tachi says:

    I got mine pierced in August, yet it still seems like it’s healing. Some days it’s fine, but other days it’s quite tender and the skin around the top ball becomes red/purple. I clean it twice a day with a salt water solution. Nearly every morning I wake up with a little crust on/ around the top ball. I really don’t want to take it out but I also don’t want it to get super infected either. Once I did take it out a month or so back, but I felt a lot of scar tissue where the piercing had been so I put it back in because I thought I probably wouldn’t be able to report it. Any advice?

  49. misty says:

    i had my done 7 days ago today and it is a little red and hurt so bad… i don’t know if i have a infected in it…. i have used sea salt and dial soap.. just like they said and it is not red red well it is little red but got lots and lots of pain and yes i know it is post to hurt but i am just hoping it is not a infected started…. What do i do????? please help and thanks and happy new year

  50. Stephy says:

    I have a red sack/abses thing under my belly button piercing within my belly button and I’m
    Not sure what it is or what to do about it?

  51. mikayla says:

    I’ve had the too and bottom of my belly button pierced for about two weeks now and its still pretty red and sore. I don’t know if its just irritated from.sleep on it or what but I’m pretty concerned. Also there is a lot of crusty stuff around the balls and the bottom piercing on the too is starting to get a little bump on it will someone please help more give me some advice as what to to do.

  52. glenda says:

    Umm it’s been a year since I got my belly button done and it’s red and it’s swelled up and has pus coming out of it is it infected and if it is what do I do to treat it

  53. Angy says:

    So I got mine on December 22 and after 4 days I got it infected but now it’s just doesn’t hurt but Im worry. I clean it every day.

  54. jessica says:

    Ive had mine for 2 weeks now and my friend picked me up and hit my bellybotton. It got all red and purple and it had a big bump in it. That’s no puss and I’m worried because there usally is like clear but they’d nothing!! Can someone help me im really worried?d

  55. Micka says:

    I got my belly button pirced on Friday and it is now Wednesday. I have been cleaning it with the salt water solution 3-4 times a day and its kind of pinkish-red and the entrance and exit holes. What should I do? Sincerely, a concerned pierced lady.

  56. Courtney says:

    I have had my belly button done for about 8 months it has a bump kinda like a Keloid under the bottom of the ring nothing is coming out of it but sometimes it pusses but not green the top is getting kinda of red HELP what do I do I’m freaking out

  57. Megan says:

    I had my belly pierced before, I had to take it out. I recently got it pierced again last Sunday. She pierced it above the scar tissue. Would that cause an infection? Its red around the piercing. That is really the only thing I have wrong with it. I don’t know if I should take it out or not.

  58. Callie says:

    I’ve had my belly button pierced for about seven months and I’ve never really had a problem with it until today. The skin in the middle of the top of the belly ring and bottom has been looking bruised and was a little hard for sometime. Last night my belly ring started to itch, the next morning I woke up pus was coming from a hole from the skin I between my belly ring. I’ve cleaned it out with sea salt and hydrogen proxide. Should I be concerned or will it heal with me treating it. Thanks!

  59. Vickyhanna says:

    I’ve had my piercing belly button done 4 days ago and it has white pus coming out and a lil red what does that mean ???

  60. Leah says:

    It’s going to be about a year for me and I have this bump that looks like skin on the upper part of my peircing and I don’t know what to do?

  61. misty says:

    i had my done 4 months ago and i got a new belly ring in so i put it in and it cut me so i toke it out yest day 4/17/15 and now it is painful bad and the cut is bad infected what do i do?????
    please help
    thank you all for your time

  62. Amber says:

    I got my belly button pierced a little more than a month ago, and it seemed to be doing fine for the most part, but now I’m worried cause now it’s really sore and just a bit swollen. Like, it doesn’t seem too bad but I just don’t want to not worry about it and then find out that it’s infected later if it gets worse. Is it just still healing or could it be getting infected?

  63. Dolly says:

    I have had my top pierced for over 10 years. Just got bottom pierced a week ago. I took my top a year to heal. The small puss you see every time you squeeze is normal. The crust you see is also normal for the 1st year. Stop touching it

  64. Tiara says:

    My belly had like a light color of redness in between the piercing and has crust around it sometimes and sometimes slimy stuff come out like a whitish grayish color. Does this mean it’s rejecting!?

  65. Tiara says:

    I also only had it done for like 4 days now

  66. Alexus Faught says:

    OK so I got my navel piercing on the 30th of may so its only been two weeks but the top of it is a dark red sometimes but sometimes it gets to a light red almost pink ish the bottom has a think pus when I clean it I just would like to know if it’s OK and what you think it is… Plz explain my email is …..thank you.

  67. Alexus Faught says:

    Is the dark red a bad sign if it light up at times?

  68. Tatty says:

    So I don’t know if it normal or not but I got my belly button pierced Friday and now it’s Sunday.. My belly button is red and puss is coming out.. My skin is also hard as a rock cleaning it with the water stuff isn’t working neither is acohol or peroxide and I have like a roll of skin between the balls on my belly ring…what should I do

  69. Alexus Faught says:

    Tatty clean it with sea salt water it is better for it do not use alcohol or peroxide make sure the sea salt is non iodide and up to 2x a day mix it in warm water 1/4 tsp for every 8ounces use qtips to clean up secretions when you are done. The alcohol and peroxide irritates the piercing. Do not use Epsom salt it also irritates it. Or you can us antibacterial soap and water too clean it. Idk about the hardening of the skin as the guy that pierced it.

  70. Alexus Faught says:

    Also don’t use regular salt it irritates it to ask the guy that pierced you about the hardening of the skin.

  71. Autumn says:

    So , I just got my belly button pierced 3 days ago. And it is really red and very painful. And I think its infected . It’s really red and when I touch it its hot. Please help me

  72. Dineo Myeko says:

    I think mine has gone to the advanced stage of infection because it has a black spot that is no unattractive……ive ran out of options on what to do. I think i regret piecring because im dying alone and i try to hide it from my mom.

    if you know what i can do, kindly email me @

  73. Cassie says:

    Hi, I had my belly pierced 2 days ago but last night and also this morning when I cleaned it (in warm sea salt water) it started bleeding. It also has a little bit of white gooey stuff around the bottom ball and it’s a little bruised between the two balls. Does anyone have any advice? Or know if this is normal for the healing process or not?? Thanks.

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